HIV Treatment Research at the Whitman-Walker Institute

The mission of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) network is to cure HIV and reduce the burden of disease due to HIV infection and its complications and co-morbidities, including tuberculosis and viral hepatitis. Below are a few trials underway at the Whitman-Walker Institute.

The studies below are recruiting:

A5380 (Purge-C)

This study treats participants, with or without HIV, who are experiencing recent or acute diagnosis of hepatitis C. The study aims to test if a shorter course of treatment might be effective in curing HCV than the current 6 month regimen. This study is currently open to enrollment at the Whitman-Walker Health Clinical Research Site. You can reach out to [email protected] if you are interested in participating.

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A5391 (The Do IT Study)

This clinical trial evaluates a medication switch for people living with HIV who experience excessive weight gain from the “INSTI” treatment combination to another approach using the medication doravirine.

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The studies below are currently in follow up only:

A5379 (BEe-HIVe)

This clinical trial tests various hepatitis B vaccines in people living with HIV to find efficacious dosing.  A new vaccine, called HEPLISAV-B, has been approved that may provide a better response than what has currently been used. The researchers will study whether this vaccine will prove to be more effective than the current standard.

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A5321 (AHRC)

This cohort study follows people living with HIV who have been on antiretroviral treatment for years to assess the differences and changes in HIV reservoirs, or the HIV-infected cells that manage to hide from otherwise successful antiretroviral treatment regimens.

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