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The DC CTU's Periodic Newsletter

We would like to cordially invite you to join the DC CTU Newsletter! Through this periodic publication, we look forward to updating you on exciting news for Washington, DC's HIV research communities. We invite you to stay tuned for news on upcoming and ongoing trials, community member and clinician highlights, and other exciting news. Below you can find previous editions to learn more about the work we do!

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Newsletter #1

Our very first newsletter outlines the structure of the Clinical Trials Unit (CTU), discusses the HIV research priorities of the government agencies that fund this work, and outline Whitman-Walker and George Washington's active trials at the time.

You can read the complete newsletter below.

Newsletter #2

The second newsletter announced the retirement of a DC HIV research icon and the founding investigator for the HPTN Site at GWU, Gary Simon, MD. It also discussed the launching of this website, upcoming CAB convenings, and the 2022 Annual HPTN Meeting. We included our first staff highlights with interviews from Veterans' Affairs social worker Melissa Turner and Whitman-Walker's Clinical Research Manager Avery Wimpelberg.

You can read the complete newsletter below.

Newsletter #3

The third newsletter centers the meaningful contributions of women in HIV research. You can find in-depth interviews with female participants and research scientists who make this work possible. We also discuss the medical breakthroughs discovered in the ACTG REPRIEVE study which investigated cardiovascular health and risks in people living with HIV.

You can read the complete newsletter below.

Newsletter #4

The fourth newsletter covers recent accomplishments and awards granted to the Whitman-Walker and George Washington University Clinical Research Sites, including the breakthrough REPREIVE trial in the ACTG and HPTN 094. This edition also highlights the contributions of a few leaders in the field. 

You can read the complete newsletter below.